Maybe my gorgeous green eyes caught your attention, or my luscious brunette waves, which cascade down towards my back like a waterfall, perhaps it was my alluring smile, which draws you in and signals a myriad of secrets, yet to be revealed. As your eyes move down, you will doubtless notice my perky breasts, which rise and fall in perfect symmetry as I draw breath, along with my seemingly never-ending legs that climb up to my curvaceous hips and perfectly rounded ass. 


People tell me that I am the kind of women that men fantasise about, but I am just me, Elle, a chaotic contradiction like everybody else: simple, yet sophisticated, bubbly, yet reserved, down to earth, yet living in the clouds, and innocent, but naughty at the same time. Join me to explore the subtleties of these differences: put me in an evening dress and I will be the height of elegance, grace and glamour; the kind of woman who turns heads and makes everyone else wish they were you. Or take me to a party: we can throw some sexy shapes together on the dance floor, before heading somewhere else to throw some more. Maybe we will go on an adventure together: find an isolated place, somewhere in the wilderness and see where nature takes us. Yet, I am just as comfortable chilling out in a more private setting, snuggling up together and just chatting. 


My lust for life is insatiable, I want to meet as many people as I can: getting to know them emotionally and physically. I want to explore the world, and the people in it, learning from new people, discovering new places and drinking in everything life has to offer. I regularly go on tour and love to travel with new people: we can explore the world together, while at the same time exploring the limits of each other’s bodies.  

I like to think of myself as witty, educated and sharp: the kind of girl who can hold her own, have in-depth meaningful discussions, while also enjoying less intense things and enjoying a laugh/not taking life too seriously.


 I am passionate about health and am a yoga & fitness enthusiast, who loves people that like to explore the limits of human flexibility. 

I love the thrill of the chase, the erotic dance of underlying meanings, whispered over glasses of wine: the sultry looks, the meaningless words dripping with undertones, the teasing touches, which bubble under the surface into a crescendo of irresistible passion that we cannot help but explore .  

I am just a simple girl next door type, who has a hidden wild side, which is just waiting to come out. Educated and sophisticated, but easy to talk to and very laid back, come visit me and we can have some exhilarating, heart-pumping, passionate fun together.


Until we meet.........


Elle X

--Home location is Melbourne-- Female--Age:30--Height 180cm--Slim but Athletic build-- Dress size Australian 10 or M-=Green Eyes--Brunette--

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